About $ALOA

We are athletes who, like all athletes, wish to spend more time in sports and be better connected to our sporting community.

Who's powering $ALOA?

We are currently working on Web3 to define the future of sports athlete sponsorship using blockchain and NFT technologies.



ALOA is an ERC-20 governance and utility token used within the MonsterArmy ecosystem to empower the decentralized community.



MonsterArmy is an NFT project created to empower athletes through the force of community-led, decentralized sponsorship.

Our mission

We are a group of athletes who are developing blockchain sponsorship schemes. By pushing corporations to reconsider their plans and embrace public governance, we hope to change how we sponsor athletes.

We don't have it all performed out yet, but we're learning all the time. Our commitment is to keep learning, exploring, and innovating. We always select the most responsible approach in every decision we make.

Not only that but there's more!

The rising demand for crypto-currencies and the rapid adoption of blockchain-based solutions have brought a significant issue: the technology's increasing energy consumption and impact on the environment.

That's why we're collaborating with green crypto partners to speed up the process so that crypto may become green and compliant with the Paris Climate Agreement as soon as possible.

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We are human and do our best so the roadmap can evolve.


$ALOA Token Creation

The $Aloa Token was created on Ethereum Blockchain (ERC20)



The $Aloa token API will be developed and deployed to track total and circulating supply.



$Aloa token will get listed on top cryptocurrency exchanges to boost the project so members can start trading high volume and give your token value.


Official Launch

MonsterArmy Holders received the $Aloa token, and it will be now time to launch Aloa to all public.