Carbon Offset

We believe that the earth belongs to all of us. And everyone must hold access to the means to protect it.
$ALOA changed the culture of carbon credits.

Green Revolution

Individuals control carbon offset for the first time, allowing thousands to combat climate change actively.

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GREEN Impact

The green revolution is not a revolution in markets or the market system. It is a revolution of utility, programmability, and composability.

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Our carbon credits have been tokenized, which means they have been written into the blockchain, making them traceable and safe.

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Carbon credits are digital certificates businesses, and individuals can control to reduce their their carbon emissions.

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The government specifies the figure of a regulatory body, which provides compliance with annual GHG emission rules and limits.

Our mission

The Ethereum blockchain produces more than 30 megatons of CO2 each year. We believe our community should play an active role in mitigating its effects on energy consumption and the environment.

The Aloa Carbon Offset Project is our offering to that mission. This project collaborates between MonsterArmy & ALOA and the Foundation, which were among the first non-profits to offer carbon offsets nearly two decades ago.

We'll take the balance of this fund and distribute it evenly to the U.S.'s leading nonprofit carbon offset providers: and The Cool All granted funds will be attended by legally-binding instructions only to buy carbon offsets.

ALOA Carbon Offset


Our actual carbon offset partners are working to offset our carbon footprint we cannot reduce yet.